Chapter Six – Spring Carnival

Watch our Spring Carnival Event:

InterfAcin Live 22/4/21.

Come One. Come All.
To the First Annual InterfAcin Carnival!

Our special Spring Carnival has a little bit of everything! We’ve got three main events planned – all 30 mins long. We’ll start with an amazing origami workshop courtesy of Michael Trew, founder of Papershake. Next up, is Dave Sharp, one of the world’s most accomplished speed painting artists. Check out his work! Then, we’ll be wrapping up the fun with The Fun Fortune Teller, Amelie Appleby. Get ready to volunteer your palms as Amelie will be giving us a humorous glimpse into our futures!

Origami Workshop
Michael Trew

Speed Painting Show
Dave Sharp

Fun Fortune Telling
Amelie Appleby


Welcome to our newest
Acin Peeps!

Duncan (Tech), Monike (Tech), Jamie (Tech), Andy (Operations)
We’re happy you’re now with Team Acin. Welcome aboard!